Breadfruit Invest

Our Philosophy

Breadfruit Invest is a small company that invests hands-on in early stage companies that offer a genuine value proposition to their customers. Those companies should generate sales or have a short time to first sales and should not have a need for a large upfront capital injection. Target investments could be new business ideas, start-ups, early stage or more established companies in need for a positive change. We are agnostic as to which industry the company operates in, we prefer Europe as our playground but we only invest in companies in which we know that we can quickly add value with our competences and network. A selection of our latest investments and projects:
BLUELAGO Business Innovation
Bluelago provides consumer insight, market and growth strategy services that improve its customers sales and margins. Bluelago helps to increase customer base on existing or new markets and align marketing messages with a revenue driving market positioning; the right message to the right customer in the right way!
Mediterranea Sport
The number one sports and training provider for children aged 4-12 in the Marbella area. With 20 years of experience it helps children to become active at an early age, to discover different sports and to develop their physical and mental skills in a fun environment. They offer training, clinics, tournaments and sporty birthday parties.
Thuis-Magazine NL
Website and shop with focus on products that make its customers feel more comfortable and balanced in their homes and in life in general. Thuis-Magazine informs, inspires and let people (re)discover that homely feeling without the need for large investments in furniture or redecorations.
Innovative, internet based record company aiming to reshape the music industry. LingonBeat allows music lovers to find music from new, interesting artists and identifies artists by measuring their performance in a sample of the market. This allows for informed investment decisions about which artists to sign to its label and to promote further.
Sun Tri Marbella
Sun Tri Marbella organises training holiday camps for people that want to improve their fitness, increase training knowledge and get inspiration and motivation. The camps in triathlon, running, road cycling, swimming and yoga for athletes are lead by experienced coaches and provide training sessions in beautiful landscapes and settings.
Breadfruit Labs
Originally our in-house web design service, Breadfruit Labs evolved into a much appreciated web design and development partner. It offers fast-delivered websites that are easy to self-maintain and are cost-efficient. Additionally, maintenance and web hosting packages complete a total no-worries web solution.